Bathroom Remodels & Additions: Cost VS ROI

Today, we continue our series on home remodeling as we compare the cost and return on investment for bathroom remodels and additions.

Taking the same approach as we did for our kitchen renovation article, we will explore midrange and upscale versions of both a bathroom remodel and an addition, providing cost VS value in San Jose and San Francisco.

Midrange Bathroom Remodel:

The midrange remodel takes an existing 5’X7’ (35 square foot) bathroom and replaces all fixtures, including a 30’ X 60’ porcelain-on-steel bathtub. A 4” X 4” ceramic tile surround is added to the tub area as is a single lever temperature/pressure balance shower control. A standard toilet, solid surface vanity with integral sink, recessed medicine cabinet with light fixture, ceramic tile floor and vinyl wallpaper complete the project.

Midrange Bathroom Addition:

The midrange bathroom addition adds a 6’X8’ room over a crawlspace with concrete poured foundation walls. The space includes a cultured marble vanity with molded sink and standard chrome faucet, 30” X 30” white fiberglass tub/shower with ceramic tile surround and single lever temperature/pressure balance shower control. Also included is a white, low profile toilet, general and spot lighting, mirrored medicine cabinets, linen closet or cabinet, ceramic tile flooring, ensure all electrical to code, vinyl wallpaper and painted trim.

Upscale Bathroom Remodel:

For the upscale remodel, we expand an existing 35 square foot (5’X7’) bathroom to 100 square feet (10’X10’) within the existing footprint of home. All fixtures are relocated and a=a neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls and accent tile strip, recessed shower caddy, body spray fixtures and frameless glass enclosure is added to the new space. The bathroom includes a custom jetted whirlpool bathtub, custom cabinets with stone countertop and two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lights as well as wall cabinet for linen or storage. The new addition has a separate water closet with one-piece toilet and humidistat exhaust fan as well as color fixtures, general and spot lighting and waterproof shower light. Matching large tiles on floor laid on the diagonal with heat pad beneath. Heated towel racks, extend HVAC to provide heat and cooling finish off the project.

Upscale Bathroom Addition:

Construction of a 100 square foot Master bath over crawl space with concrete poured foundation walls. New bathroom includes all fixtures, accents and amenities as upscale remodel.

Now is where we get down to brass tacks….cost versus return on investment (ROI).

As shown below in both San Jose and San Francisco, the midrange remodel more than recoups the investment cost while the midrange addition comes in a decent second. Both upscale options don’t regain the full cost, although they come pretty close with the exception of the upscale remodel in San Jose.

The midrange remodel cost in San Jose is $21,029 and gets a resale value of $25,068, an ROI of 119.2%. The same remodel in San Francisco costs slightly more at $22,715 has a resale value of $27,243 or a 119.9% return.

The midrange addition runs $48,764 in San Jose, resulting in a $53,068 or 108.8% return while the San Francisco addition is $52,643 for the addition, getting a just over break-even return at 101.2%, a resale value of $53,265.

The San Jose upscale remodel costs significantly more at $61,745 and resales for significantly less at $47,727, recouping about three-quarters of the cost, or 77.3%. Alternately, the same remodel in San Francisco costs $63,617, recoups $60,897, for a 95.7% ROI. Lastly, the upscale bathroom additions hold up quite well, with the San Jose Master bath add-on costing $85,000, regaining $77,125 or 90.7% upon the sale of the home. The San Francisco addition costs $91,164, recovers $89,057 or a healthy 97.7% return.

Again, our remodel series shows that doing a mid-level upgrade of an existing bathroom really pays off, both for personal use, aesthetics as well as when/if you sell your home. You can quickly and easily spruce up your space by installing a prefab, all-in-one cabinet-counter-sink combination, a new faucet, some new paint or wallpaper and a new commode. Refinishing an older porcelain bathtub is also a great option, and it is even possible to change the color of the tub as well as that of existing tile for a relatively minor amount.

So, if that outdated bathroom is in need of a pick-me-up, a midrange remodel promises a great return. If you prefer a more upscale remodel, it will also reap a decent cost to value reward while bathroom additions are always a great way to improve your home both for your family’s use as well as potential future ROI.