Apple’s Silicon Valley Land Grab

Apple’s Cupertino spaceship complex has garnered an enormous amount of attention over the past few years but the tech giant has decided to create an equally impressive presence in Sunnyvale. The company will be leasing 777,000 square feet of futuristic office space at Central Expressway and Wolfe Road from Landbank Investments LLC.

This deal signifies Apple’s continued expansion in the Silicon Valley, having made recent land grabs in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. It’s latest acquisition in north San Jose totaled 70 acres and cost $300 million. With plans to get into the electric car business, the belief is that Apple is gathering land to provide office space for more than 3,000 workers who will be working on this product line.

The 18-acre Sunnyvale complex leased by Apple will renovate nine existing buildings from the 1960s and 1970s into a curved, other worldly structure the likes of their very own ‘spaceship’ on the Apple 2 campus in Cupertino. Though the building will fit right in with Apple’s revolutionary philosophy in both structures and products, it will transform the primarily single-story area of Sunnyvale with its organic, innovative design that includes a multi-story undulating glass exterior, central courtyard and hidden parking surrounded by green space. Whether the buildings will retain their current design or if Apple will have some input to its appearance at this point remains unclear.

But what is obvious is that Apple continues to expand its tech presence throughout the Silicon Valley, a move that could benefit housing prices in cities it chooses to inhabit. Sunnyvale is already a real estate hot spot thanks to its proximity to other ground-breaking corporations such as Google but with the advent of Apple making its mark within the city’s borders, the probability of housing pricing continuing to move upward is increased. Stay tuned as Apple continues to cultivate its presence in Sunnyvale and beyond.