Amazon Testing Drive-up Grocery Store in Sunnyvale

Drive-thru’s used to be primarily found at fast food restaurants but other retail and service companies (i.e. local pharmacies, banks, coffee shops and even big retailers the likes of Target) have started providing this customer-friendly option at more locations. The latest to be considering implementing this convenience is online retail giant, Amazon, who is testing a drive-up grocery store, possibly in Sunnyvale.

A developer has submitted plans for an 11,600 square foot retail center at 777 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road and reliable sources claim Amazon is very likely a key tenant.

If Amazon does establish a brick and mortar food distribution food market and it proves successful, it could play a significant role in redefining the grocery industry. By choosing Silicon Valley as their trial location, Amazon is looking to offer yet another accessibility option for busy Bay Area families, for whom this type of convenience appeals. Should the concept take hold, Amazon is rumored to have plans for multiple such drive-up locations throughout the Valley.

Amazon already serves Silicon Valley with its AmazonFresh delivery service but the reasoning behind a physical pick-up presence could help Amazon minimize cost outlay while expanding its consumable market share. It may appeal to those potential purchasers who’d prefer to order online in advance and grab their groceries from the drive-up location. Having both drive-up and delivery service for groceries provides consumers with alternatives, and options are always good.

Based in Seattle, Amazon has a major Silicon Valley research and development presence. Its Lab126 is based in Sunnyvale, while the company’s A9 search and advertising division is located in downtown Palo Alto.

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