Add Personality to Your Home With Finishing Touches

Last week, we discussed the wellness kitchen trends that Smart Home Strategist, Dan DiClerico from HomeAdvisor sees as being hot with homeowners in 2019. In another HomeAdvisor article, they reveal what we all know but sometimes fail to accomplish: that a house with character and personality is truly a home. Whether we live in Mountain View, Saratoga, or Santa Cruz, home should be a place we enjoy spending time in, a place where we can unwind and relax, where we connect with family and friends. We create character when we embellish a space with items that reflect our individuality.

Below are five ways HomeAdvisor suggests adding personality to your home with finishing touches.

  1. Pictures, Photos & Artwork
    It’s not uncommon to go into a home that has family photos and artwork on the walls but HomeAdvisor suggests using an entire large wall as a blank canvas to create a visually appealing compilation. Choose an array of images of different sizes, in different frames (or even without), and different subjects to achieve a fantastic, colorful display bursting with character.
  2. Get Bookish
    Bring out your books to achieve a uniquely personal punch of personality to your home. The assortment of sizes, colors, and imagery results in intriguing displays. Place books horizontally or vertically, mix and match sizes and colors, (or if your personality requires a bit of order, display by color and size) tuck books in niches, leave open a picture book on a table, and stack in bookshelves-wherever beckons for bookish décor.
  3. Dishware on Display
    Beautiful platters, serving bowls, and dishware shouldn’t be hidden behind closed doors. Break out these pieces, artfully displaying them in glass-fronted cabinets or by placing feature pieces on countertops. The same can be said for attractive glassware. If you have a wet or dry bar, be sure to display decanters and attractive glasses. If you have a formal dining room, setting a stunning tablescape is another way to present eye-catching China, silverware, and linens.
  4. Get Lit
    How the spaces in your home are illuminated can create a welcoming atmosphere, even going so far as to enhance mood and wellbeing. Light fixtures not only light up a room but can also serve as works of art in and of themselves. Mix and match table lamps, wall fixtures, and chandeliers to design a bespoke appearance, setting the mood in every room of your home. Of course, task lighting is also vital but these ambient finishes are what really add warmth and personality. And don’t forget the exterior of your home. Pathway and landscaping lighting create a serene ambiance while illumination at doorways allows a welcoming appeal as well as serves as a necessary safety feature.
  5. Texture
    Including an assortment of textures throughout your home appeals to the sense of touch as well as the eye. Smooth and silky, rough and bumpy, plush and fuzzy…. Mix and match different types of fabrics and materials to create a pleasing textural palate in every room—cushions and pillows, fabrics on furnishings, bed linens and covers, wood flooring and cabinetry, rugs and carpets, even artwork and wallpapers add elements of texture.

Personalize your home by creating unique displays with your artwork and pictures, displaying your books and dishware, using light fixtures to create an illuminating mood, and by introducing an array of textures in each and every space in your home.

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