9 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

After three months of winter, including a few significant rainstorms and at least one bout of cold weather, homes in Redwood City and beyond generally require a little spring TLC.

  1. Check for loose, leaking and leaf-clogged gutters and ensure downspouts drain away from the base of your home.
  2. Look for low areas around your yard, especially those near the home’s foundation. Fill these with compacted soil to avoid water pooling and potential breeding grounds for pesky insects like mosquitos.
  3. Get out a screwdriver and poke and prod around wood trims, railings and decks. Wherever you find loose trim, cracks or soft wood, make the needed repairs.
  4. Remove all firewood stored near your home. As a general rule, firewood should be stored 24 inches away from any structure and 18 inches off the ground. If you don’t already have one, purchasing a metal firewood rack is a great option, as is making your own, if you’re a DIY kinda person.
  5. From the ground, look at your roof from all angles. Make a note of any damaged or missing shingles. Have a qualified roofer repair or replace them as well as check all flashing around chimney and vents to ensure they are free of leaks and damage.
  6. If you have air conditioning, now’s the time to have your unit professionally cleaned and inspected. Have your HVAC pro show you how to clean or change the filters, adding that as a to do on a regular basis.
  7. Take a peek at your sidewalks, driveways and other concrete surfaces. Power wash surfaces to remove any dirt, moss or debris, fill cracks with silicone caulk and seal.
  8. Clean out your fireplace, removing ash from wood and pellet stoves and cleaning smoky glass when needed. It’s also a great time to have your chimney cleaned and inspected, especially if you didn’t do it before the onset of winter. That will put you one step ahead once cold weather rolls back around.
  9. If you haven’t already, consider purchasing rain barrels. Normally, we will get s few spring showers and with the drought continuing to be a real possibility, it’s wise to store water for your garden.

As the warmer months approach, these 9 tips will have your home in tip-top shape.