7 Top Home Trends from Architectural Digest Design Show

The Architectural Digest Design Show is held annually in New York City and is the premiere event for anyone looking for renovation inspiration. The AD Design Show offers a in-depth view into the latest trends in residential design and décor from hundreds of manufacturers and designers. Homes in Palo Alto, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz as well as the entire Silicon Valley and beyond can mix and match these up and coming trends to blend with, enhance or completely reinvent their personal style.

There were 7 key trends that Architectural Digest editors felt had staying power, ones that homeowners as well as interior designers would embrace.

1. Abstract Art Accents

Use abstract art as inspiration throughout your home. The latest trend is to take these unique patterns from the canvas and incorporate them into living spaces in new ways. Wallpaper, rugs, and pillows are all ways to weave in vibrant, splashes of color and add a modern, playful touch to any room. The beauty of abstracts is they can easily be mixed and matched.

Photographed by Blu Skye Media

2. Bright Colors in Bath & Kitchen

The trend of muted, neutral hues in the kitchen and bath were pushed to the wayside at the AD Design Show by appliances and cabinetry in bold, bright colors. No color was off bounds, especially when it came to ranges and ovens —greens, blues, yellow, oranges and reds are all the rage. For those not wanting to make such a permanent color commitment, add in bursts of cheer with lively paint, wallpaper, artwork and linens.

3. Cutout Details

Statement furniture pieces, lighting and accessories with geometrical cutouts add visual interest and a playful flair. Cutout designs create a feeling of airiness for large pieces such as dining and coffee tables as well as uniformity, especially when the design is clean and repetitive.

4. Gilded Accents

Gold accent pieces such as side tables and candleholders imbue luxury into any residence. Ideal in formal Dining and Living Rooms, foyers and even Master Suites, gilded furnishings, wall treatments and accessories are a top home décor trend.

5. Organic Shapes

So much of our homes are linear, from walls to cabinetry to furnishings. Introducing fluid, organic forms that mimic movement helps create a more dynamic, inviting living space. These can be light fixtures, works of art (carvings, sculptures) and even furnishings.

6. Green

Green is associated with life, renewal, nature, harmony and energy. It is making a comeback into all areas of the home décor color palette because of its rich sophistication. Bright and inviting to calming, green works well in all spaces from kitchen to den, dining to bath. Integrate linens, draperies, flooring, tile, light fixtures and furnishings in various shades of this lustrous hue throughout your home to summon green’s harmonious vitality.

7. Natural Wood

In line with infusing a room with organic, bright and airy accents and colors is the reinvigoration of light, natural wood. Clean, crisp and chic, natural wood furniture, flooring and accessories infuse a space with a more modern feel than heavier, darker woods.

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