2019’s Hot Home Colors

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute publishes a report that forecasts a “global point of view on the movement of color across current and future seasons.” Color appeals to and evokes emotion while visually engaging and inspiring. These hot home colors will help in choosing the hues that accentuate your distinct personality and lifestyle while emphasizing your Silicon Valley home’s luxury.

Founded in 1963 and an authority on all things color, Pantone Lifestyle unites color and design in a variety of industries, including apparel, homes, and interiors. Interior designers from Santa Cruz County all the way to Los Altos and beyond use the PantoneView Home+Interiors Guide as a jumping off point for the upcoming season’s hottest home hues.

For 2019, Pantone has 72 shades that comprise eight color overarching themes including their Classico Collection and another they refer to as the Cravings Color palette.

There are eight timeless hues that form the Classico Collection. Pantone effuses these shades as “fundamental, basic, and everlasting, while at the same time elegant and forever fashionable.” Earthy and warm, they evoke the colors of burnished sunsets, deep blue waves, golden meadows, and sandy beaches. Apricot Brandy, Mallard Blue, and Rich Gold are just three of the shades from which to chose in this pleasing palette. Upholstered furnishing, pillows, rugs, artwork, and accent walls are all ways in which to invite these classic colors into your Sunnyvale or Saratoga residence.

Cravings is another of Pantone’s most recent color palettes designed for the home. Cappuccino, Butterum, Cayenne, and Chili Pepper are inspired by what the company calls “fetish foods.” These shades “draw upon memorable sensory experiences to inspire new ones that will be just as pleasing.” Whether your style is to make a statement or to use color more subtly, these deep, bold hues can be used in combination to create a space that is vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.


“When 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand that the choice of color is critical.”

Color plays an important role in our lives and in our homes. It surrounds us daily and the one place it affects us most is in our home. These trending hues allow you to impart uniqueness to create a space that is distinctly you.

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