10 Hot Home Design Trends

Based in Palo Alto, Houzz is an online repository for all things architecture, interior design, and home improvement. Homeowners use it as a go-to for finding design ideas and inspiration, especially since designers and architects upload images of their work to promote their business as well as new trends.

As such, Houzz has its finger on the pulse of the latest home trends and they listed these ten as the hot ones to watch.

1. Formal Dining Rooms Filled with Personality

Once thought to be going out of style, the formal dining room remains a flourishing space for special occasions. It offers an opportunity to create a bespoke, stand-alone aesthetic that infuses personality through the mixing and matching of texture, color, and pattern as well as statement lighting, artwork and even special furnishings. It’s a place where one can go a bit wild, mixing the formal and the fun.


2. Lively Laundry Rooms

Doing laundry is a chore we all have to do so why not make our laundry rooms cheerful and inviting? Using energizing hues and patterns create a pleasant atmosphere, one we enjoy being in rather than dread. Whimsical wallpaper, a cheerful paint palette, colored appliances, textured baskets for storage, a lively floor or backsplash tile all add to the welcoming nature. Since this space is often separated from other areas of the home, it is another room that welcomes a touch colorful quirkiness.

3. Painted Interior Entry Door

Painting the outside of an entry door is common, adding instant curb appeal. But the same can be accomplished by painting the inside of the door a hue that complements the home’s interior design. Glossy navy, deep inky black, soft muted grays, or bright, energetic reds are all ways to make the most of your home’s entry. It creates an inviting entryway, welcoming visitors and family in and also offering them an experience upon departure.

4. Kitchens with Muted Hues

At the heart of every home, the kitchen is the space where families and friends gather and connect. An emerging color palette for kitchens is one that entails softer tones in grays, whites, and blues. Two-toned cabinets are still a design preference, and white continues to be the top choice for many homeowners undergoing a remodel. Soft, calming, complementary hues for cabinets, countertops, paint, and backsplashes intermingled with subtle patterns and textures creates a welcoming, classic atmosphere.


5. Mixing Wood Cabinets with Painted

Designers are adding in warmth, interest, and texture to kitchens by interspersing wood cabinet fronts, pull-out drawers, or other touches to expanses of painted cabinets. The key is to not overdue a good thing: a few key pieces are all that are needed. Wooden wine drawer pull-outs, wooden cabinets flanking a high-end range, or select wood-fronted drawers all make a serious statement. Wood range vent hoods and butcher block counters add to the organic appeal.

Many of these emerging trends focus on the bathroom, adding visual appeal and a design aesthetic that takes a basic bathroom space and turns it into a stunning and inviting room.

6. The Shower Ledge

Niches have been a “thing” in showers for awhile, creating a inset space for storage of shampoos and other essentials. But a niche entails additional design and construction that equates to a lot of work and money for such a small space. Many designers are suggesting the creation of ledges as an alternative. These offer more storage space with a lot less construction and design work. Only a few inches are required to build out a ledge and they can be constructed either lengthwise or at the end of the shower. The design options are limitless: multiple ledges at differing heights for a shower/bathtub combo; an end ledge that extends outside of the shower on which a wall-mounted toilet is placed; a deeper ledge at the end of a bathtub to provide a shelf for a built-in bathtub. Whatever your shower or shower/tub combo, a ledge may be a new design option to explore.

7. Tiled Bathtub Aprons

Since we talking showers and tubs, the tiled tub apron is a way to make a big impact with very little money. Tiling the front apron of a bathtub with the same tile used on the walls offers a cohesive, sleek appearance. Subway and mosaic tiles provide beautiful pattern and texture, marble is sophisticated, and a wood apron invites warmth.

8. Floating Vanities

Cabinetry that is mounted on the wall and open beneath creates an illusion of openness by opening up floor space. A suspended dual vanity in the Master, or a single vanity in a secondary or guest bathroom adds a modern touch, especially when under-cabinet lighting is installed to enhance the floating effect. Whatever cabinet style you prefer, these vanities also allow for easier cleaning as well as offer the design option of running the backsplash tile down to the floor for a sleek, cohesive appearance.

9. A Seat in the Bathroom (that’s not the toilet!)

With bathrooms becoming more of a focus and less simply utilitarian, homeowner needs in these spaces is evolving. Many seek a spa-like bathroom and having an area to sit is climbing the list of desires. From something as simple as teak stools that can be moved in and out of the shower to custom built-in bench seats that connect vanities or offer extra storage, these seating areas offer places to relax while brushing your teeth, toweling off after a shower, putting on lotion, or waiting for the bathtub to fill.

10. Fully Wrapped Power Rooms

As with formal Dining Rooms, powder rooms offer a way to inject some serious personality into one’s home. One of the newest design statements is taking the single accent wall a big step further by wrapping all four walls in a statement material or wallcovering. Patterned or colorful feature wallpaper, shiplap, reclaimed wood, or even a beautiful tile blanketing the walls makes for a lot of personality in a small space.

Our home is a reflection of who we are. Its spaces can be classic or modern, bohemian or sophisticated. It provides an ever-changing palette in which we can explore new styles, designs, colors, and use of space. These top ten design trends offer ways to imbue new ideas into your residence. Mix and match those that appeal to you!

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